Welcome to our 'how to' guide on how to set up and manage all the passports for your team.

Organisation Setup Guide


This will cover the basic steps for setting up your account as well as how to create and verify passports.

Each time you complete a task it will turn from Amber to Green and when they're all complete they can start to use their passport and you can also export a copy for your files.
When your new team member has confirmed their identity and uploaded their documents you can edit their profile and verify these.

All the incomplete elements of their profile are shown in the left hand nav to help ensure you don't miss any steps.

Top tip: Don't forget to set reminders so you know when various documents or qualifications run out.
Once complete you can see the new passport on your dashboard in the 'In Progress' section. You can now edit the passport and include further details such as job title, if qualifications are required and so on.

Step 3: Verify documents

Start a passport by logging into your account and then selecting 'Passports >> My Passports' in the left hand nav.

Select 'Create New' and enter their:
  • Name
  • Email Address
The box is automatically checked to send them a notification but this can be done later as well if needed.

Step 2: Create a passport

Create your profile with your work email address and a secure password.

Choose the plan that suits the size of your organisation.

Set up payment for your new account and you'll then be able to start creating passports.

Step 1: Create administrator account

How to register with Safeguard-Me


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