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We've answered the most common questions when it comes to safeguarding and how Safeguard-Me can help you. If anything you liked to know about isn't covered below please get in contact.
General Information we think everyone should know about safeguarding as well as specific help for Parents & Guardians, Professionals & Volunteers, Organisations and Local Authorities & Regulatory Bodies.
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Parents & Guardians
Find out how we verify professionals and volunteers as well as how and why we're building a community of adults in positions of trust.

Read our guide on how to keep children safe in out of school settings.
Professionals & Volunteers
If you work with children or vulnerable adults we can help you with verifying your credentials to create your own passport as well as consular advice, training and support.

If you're a safeguarding professional contact us to discuss becoming one of our consultants.

Check out our blog for the latest news, advice and guides
We can help you organise your workforce verification and any consultation, audits or training you might need.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and talk you through our solutions or request a demo.

Check out our blog or the latest news, advice and guides
Local Authorities & Regulatory Bodies
We want to work hand in hand with Local Authorities & Regulatory Bodies to bring greater transparency, consistency and above all quality to safeguarding across all sectors.

We can help you create and keep registers of organisations in your region or sector and provide reporting on key metrics to give you the ability to monitor and improve standards. Find out more.
How to register guides
Follow our guide on how to register on our app and upload your documents
Our app is the centre of the Safeguard-Me passport. Verify your ID, upload documents such as DBS and share your passport with organisations, clients or parents/guardians.

The only digital passport of its kind dedicated to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.
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