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Safeguarding children & vulnerable adults with enhanced workforce verification.

Empowering trust, protecting futures

Checked. Safe.


Providing remote, fast digital verification, robust compliance, ongoing tracking and records management for safeguarding.

Improving efficiency for organisations, saving up to 80% of the time and cost of vetting checks.

Most importantly giving confidence and peace of mind loved ones are in safe hands.

Faster, Safer, Smarter


UK adults reported experiencing childhood abuse by adults in a position of trust.

Smarter workforce vetting

All your essential vetting checks in one digital passport. Instantly demonstrate your suitability and provide peace of mind to everyone you work with.

All for a one off set up fee
For Individuals
Provide robust evidence of compliance to any regulatory bodies but most importantly give your customers confidence their loved ones are safe.

Choose the package for your current needs, with freedom to scale up as your organisation grows.
For Organisations

Creating a trusted community of professionals

Instantly demonstrate your verified status, in person or online and build instant trust with everyone you work with.

Say goodbye to paper and manual processing and hello to fast digital passports.

Be part of the community

We're building a trusted community of professionals in positions of trust who share our commitment to protecting the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults across the globe.

Join a growing network of professionals using their verified Safeguard-Me passport to demonstrate they're Checked. Safe and Ready

The passport has over 45 safeguards verified by us or your organisation.

How we do it

Our vision is to create a global network of verified professionals
Our mission is to safeguard children & vulnerable adults with enhanced workforce verification

What we stand for

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What our clients say
  • Helen Doubler
    Recruitment Manager
    Safeguard-Me didn't just solve a problem, it revolutionised our workflow. Faster, remote verification gave us peace of mind and the ability to make faster placements with confidence.

  • James McGinn
    Sports Charity CEO
    Our sports professionals work with children in over 75 schools and often work in multiple locations. Safeguard-Me enables us to prove they have been vetted to the highest standards before they arrive in each school, whilst significantly speeding up the hiring and onboarding process.
FAQs about Safeguard-Me