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Questions parents/guardians might ask an organisation looking after children

As the summer season for kids’ clubs and summer camp activities starts up, there are some common questions parents are often urged to ask and look into when selecting who to choose.

If you’re an organisation working in this sector, we recommending having your answers ready to go and published on your website in an FAQs section to show you’re on top of their concerns.

Safety and Well-being:

Registration and Qualifications:

  • Is the club registered with a relevant governing body (e.g., Ofsted or your national governing body)?
  • Are the staff DBS checked? It’s also worth stating how often you update this. There’s guidance that it should be updated every 3 years or after 3 months of not working with children.
  • Do the staff have relevant qualifications and experience working with children (e.g., first aid, childcare qualifications)? Whilst you don’t have to publish who has what it’s good to show what you have within your team.

Ratios and Supervision:

  • What are the staff-to-child ratios for different age groups? (e.g., Is there a max group size so they’ll get their turn frequently?)
  • How are the children supervised throughout the day/activity? Are they always with someone who is DBS checked for example and not left either unattended or with someone who isn’t.
  • Are there clear drop-off and pick-up procedures? (e.g., Must they register with ID to enter and pick up their children?)

Facilities and Environment:

  • Are your facilities clean, safe, and age-appropriate?
  • Are there adequate indoor and outdoor spaces for activities? Do they need to bring wet weather gear, we all know what our summer is like.

Emergency Procedures:

  • Do you have proper safety measures in place (e.g., fire exits, first aid kits)?
  • Does the club have a clear emergency plan in case of accidents or illnesses?
  • How will they be contacted in case of an emergency? What contact details do you need to collect and how is it stored?

Food and other Allergies:

  • What provisions are in place to look after their child’s allergies? This is a concern for many so proactively showing you have this covered will provide peace of mind.
  • How do you record these and then ensure everyone who is looking them is aware?

Fun and Entertainment:

Activities and Schedule:

  • What types of activities are offered, is there a variety? (e.g., sports, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures). Do they need specific clothing or bring anything with them?
  • Is there any flexibility in choosing specific activities or days of attendance? This will help children choose their favourite activities and try new ones.
  • Are the activities age-appropriate and engaging for your child's interests?
  • Is there a daily schedule or sample program available?

Food and Drink:

  • What is provided? Be clear so parents know what to provide

Staff Interaction and Style:

  • How do the staff interact with the children?
  • How do they create a fun and positive environment? This is where sharing qualifications can make a difference.
  • Is there a focus on age-appropriate learning and development? Are the group ages mixed?

Additional factors to consider:

Cost and Payment Options:

  • What are the fees for the program? Are there extras, be very clear on your pricing policy.
  • Are there any discounts or sibling rates available?
  • What are the payment options? Can they spread the cost?

Location and Transportation:

  • How convenient is the location for them to get to, including public transport?
  • Is transportation provided, or will they need to arrange pick-up and drop-off?

Communication and Feedback:

  • How do you communicate with parents/guardians?
  • Do you provide a mass daily update or newsletter? Do you send messages to each of them individually?
  • Can they get photos if they give permission? The NSPCC provide a great guide on how getting permission for photos.
  • Is there an opportunity to provide feedback on the program?

This content will not only help your customers make better informed decisions but if it’s on your website it will benefit your SEO.

Here are some additional tips:

Share reviews and recommendations: Parents look online or ask other parents for their experiences with different summer programs.

Allow parents/guardians to schedule a visit: Offer tours or open days. This allows them to see the facilities, meet the staff, and get a sense of the atmosphere.

Be ready for questions: They could ask any questions about the program to ensure it's a good fit so try and anticipate them. It’s also ok to say that’s a new question and we’ll get back to you on that one. Make sure you follow up!

By considering these factors and being proactive will show how committed you are to looking after their children and you take their care seriously. We can also help you show you’re safeguarding commitments with our simple and quick vetting checks. Our logo on your website and marketing materials will be instant peace of mind you’ve done the required checks.