App Registration Guide

Welcome to our 'how to' guide on how to get your Safeguard passport set up in our App.

The safeguard-me dashboard for all your safeguard-me passports.

If you're not already got your Passport Reference Number forward the link below to your organisation or sign up if you're registering as an individual

Register for the DBS online update service (must be within 30 days of a new DBS) and give permission for your organisation to access it to make keeping your certification up to date easier.

When your safeguarding credentials are verified by your organisation or us if you're an individual the icons and the background around your photo will turn green. You can refresh your passport by pulling down on your photo.

When verified you can use this share feature to share your credentials with clients. The QR code currently opens an information page explaining all the checks in more detail. In the future this will be a personalised page.

Step 3: Get verified

Depending up on your requirements you can now upload documents to show your safeguarding credentials. These include:
  • DBS
  • Qualifications
  • Right to Work
  • Further Identification
Once uploaded your organisation (or Safeguard-Me for individuals) are notified and are able to review these.
You can also let your organisation know you've completed uploading your documents by using the share button to send them your passport.

Step 2: Upload documents

Firstly, you need to prove your address and identity.
We accept the following proof of address documents:
  • Utility bill
  • Council tax bill
  • Phone bill
  • Bank statement
If you've lived at your address for less than 5 years you can add more documents later to show previous addresses.

For your identity we need your Passport or Drivers Licence.

Step 1: Identification

If you have your Passport Reference Number set up by you organisation you can download and log into our App.

If you're not part of an organisation we can set this up for you, see how here

How to register on our app

App Registration